Giving away is the instrument for accumulated treasures; it is like a bucket for the distribution of the waters deposited in the bowels of a well.

忠言滿足不了愚笨的人反而刺激了他們。 讓蛇喝奶只會增長它們的毒液。 (忠言逆耳)
Good counsel tendered to fools rather provokes than satisfies them. A draught of milk to serpents only increases their venom.

Good fortune is the offspring of our endeavours, although there be nothing sweeter than ease.

Great attention to what is said and sweetness of speech, a great degree of kindness and the appearance of awe, are always tokens of a man’s attachment.

只是有最初的滿腔熱心必然招來每項大事成就的失敗。 水不是往往清涼,卻能潤澤大地嗎?
Great warmth at first is the certain ruin of every great achievement. Doth not water, although ever so cool, moisten the earth?

Greatness doth not approach him who is for ever looking down.

一旦撒下保密種子,就得適當守護下去,半點不破; 秘密若露,事情進展就不再繁榮。
Having sown the seed of secrecy, it should be properly guarded and not in the least broken; for being broken, it will not prosper

He by whom the geese were formed white, parrots stained green, and peacocks painted of various hues—even He will provide for their support.

He is a great and a good man from whom the needy, or those who come for protection, go not away with disappointed hopes and discontented countenances.

He is a man who doth not suffer his members and faculties to cause him uneasiness.

He is a minister who doth not behave with insolence and pride.

He is a wise man who knoweth that his words should be suited to the occasion, his love to the worthiness of the object, and his anger

He is a worthy person who is much respected by good men.

He is happy who is forsaken by his passions.

He is kind who guardeth another from misfortune.

He that hath sense hath strength.

He who doth not speak an unkind word to his fellow-creatures is master of the whole world to the extremities of the ocean

He who entereth uncalled for, unquestioned speaketh much, and regardeth himself with satisfaction, to his prince appeareth one of a weak judgment.

He who formeth a connection with an honest man from his love of truth, will not suffer thereby.

He who is in disgrace with the sovereign is disrespected by all.

He who is not possessed of such a book as will dispel many doubts, point out hidden treasures, and is, as it were, a mirror of all things, is even an ignorant man.

He who, in opposition to his own happiness, delighteth in the accumulation of riches, carrieth burdens for others and is the vehicle of trouble.

He whose days are passed away without giving or enjoying, puffing like the bellows of a blacksmith, liveth but by breathing.

He whose understanding can discern what is, and judge what should or should not be applied to prevent misfortune, never sinketh under difficulties.

財富怎是快樂之門? 得之麻煩,失之悲痛,又是家屬永無休止分裂之因!
How are riches the means of happiness? In acquiring they create trouble, in their loss they occasion sorrow, and they are the cause of endless divisions amongst kindred!

I esteem that wealth which is given to the worthy, and which is day by day enjoyed; the rest is a reserve for one knoweth not whom.

If we are rich with the riches which we neither give nor enjoy, we are rich with the riches which are buried in the caverns of the earth.

高貴的民族很少見到在輕浮時缺少美德。 在紅寶石礦中什麼時候會找到玻璃碎片?
In a noble race, levity without virtue is seldom found. In a mine of rubies, when shall we find pieces of glass?

In granting and in refusing, in joy and in sorrow, in liking and in disliking, good men, because of their own likeness, show mercy unto all things which have life.

In misfortune, in error, and when the time appointed for certain affairs is about to elapse, a servant who hath his master’s welfare at heart ought to speak unasked.

In peace, who is not wise?

在危難期間,危險接近之前,保持警覺是恰當做法; 但當我們察覺到危險近在咫尺,我們該像無懼一般起來反抗。
In times of danger it is proper to be alarmed until danger be near at hand; but when we perceive that danger is near, we should oppose it as if we were not afraid.

In times of misfortune men’s understandings even are sullied.

In times of necessity the words of the wise are worthy to be observed.

Is it not the same to whoso wears a shoe as if the earth were thatched all over with leather?

有甚麼東西本質上是美或不美的? 東西的美有賴憑藉發光的東西。
Is there anything of its own nature beautiful or not beautiful? The beauty of a thing is even that by which it shineth.

It is a maxim of those who are esteemed perfect, that abundance is the perverter of reason.

It is a virtue in hermits to forgive their enemies as well as their friends; but it is a fault in princes to show clemency towards those who are guilty.

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